The Role of a Surveyor

A marine surveyor is a professional who inspects, evaluates, and reports on the condition, value, and seaworthiness of a vessel. Marine surveyors are usually employed by boat owners, prospective buyers, executors, insurance companies, and finance companies, and their job is to provide a detailed report on the boat’s condition.

The role of a marine surveyor involves a thorough inspection of the entire vessel (where access is possible), including its structure, systems, equipment, and safety features. They may conduct tests, take measurements, and examine documentation to create an opinion of the overall condition and identify any corrective work that may be required.

The surveyor then generates a report of their findings and may provide an estimated value or appraisal of the vessel (which may be subject to an additional charge). This report is used by the Client (or an authorised 3rd party) to identify areas of the vessel that need repair, refurbishment, or replacement, as well as to determine the boat’s insurance premiums, resale value, or eligibility for financing.

Marine surveyors may work independently or for a marine surveying company, and they may specialize in a particular type of vessel, such as narrowboats, sailing yachts, motor yachts, commercial vessels, or wooden boats. They may also be called upon to provide expert witness testimony in the event of litigation or insurance claims.

Overall, the role of a marine surveyor is critical to ensuring the safety and seaworthiness of vessels, as well as to providing accurate information to boat owners, insurers, and financial institutions. Their expertise and evaluation can help prevent accidents and costly repairs, and provide valuable insights into the condition and value of a vessel.

East Hill Marine Limited’s principal surveyor, Graham Lane, is qualified with a Professional Qualification in Yacht & Small Craft issued by the International Insitute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS). It is also commonly referred to as “DipMarSur”. He is an Affiliate Member of the YDSA and a Graduate Member of the IIMS.