On The Day

When we arrive on-site, we will verify the boat is safely docked and record its pre-survey condition.

The survey can take up to 8 hours, in some cases, so we politely request that you let our surveyor work alone, distractions can lead to mistakes….the surveyor will be happy to speak to you at the end of the day to give you an appraisal of the inspection.

Following the survey day, a detailed inspection report will be produced. This generally takes up to 5 working days, and will describe the following:

  • The inspection process
  • What was found (good things and less good things!)
  • Description of any defects
  • Recommendations (things you must do)
  • Suggestions (things you should do)
  • Advice (helpful tips)

Should any immediate work be required after the survey is completed, we will explain this to you and discuss the possible next steps.

We are here to help you…!