Hull Inspection

This is an out-of-water survey that concentrates on the hull of the boat below the gunwales. The same inspection and checking techniques are used as the Full Condition Inspection and include:

  • Principal hull dimensions and freeboard measurement (except air draught)
  • Ultrasonic and hammer test of hull plating
  • Corrosion and damage assessment, including pitting
  • Cathodic protection inspection
  • Propeller and rudder check (shaft removal is not part of the standard inspection)
  • Protective coating condition check (below the waterline)
  • Through hull fittings and deck condition check

The survey is supported by a comprehensive condition report that includes recommendations, suggestions, and advisory comments to support repair planning.

Important Advice: Some insurance companies now require a copy of a full out-of-water inspection report for older vessels e.g. older than 30 years.

You should check their exact requirements before commissioning a survey.

A hull survey may cost less but it may not be sufficient to meet your insurance company’s requirements and you may end up paying twice.

Insurance companies may reject claims for boats affected by defects that should have been corrected during routine maintenance – GJW

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